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Construction or reconstruction in Toronto

Whatever the reasons, we will have to choose one of the two options. We suggest you understand what advantages and disadvantages they have, what you should pay attention to, and what is often forgotten before you make a final decision. Our advice will help you to avoid serious mistakes and safely get the house of your dreams.

If you have large sums, then probably the question will be reduced to personal preferences and desires. But if the situation corresponds to the standard scenario for most people, you will have to think carefully about what and how much money to invest in. At the same time, we should not forget about it, because this factor is sometimes more important and can play a decisive role.

Reconstruction of houses in Toronto

This option is intentionally used when purchasing a plot of land with a house within the city in order to get the opportunity to be closer to work, health and social institutions, places of recreation and infrastructure in general. When the arrangement of life in an unfamiliar place away from the usual urban environment seems to be something complex, uninteresting and unnecessary.

And also reconstruction is cheaper. But less unpredictable, i.e. it is an open estimate. To know the estimated cost of the operation, you will have to call a specialist design organization, who will check the condition of all parts of the house, confirm the reliability of the foundation. And it will not be a guarantee that in the future additional problems because of which it is necessary to spend more than prospective initially will not open up.

It's not that easy.

As a rule, old abandoned houses require large investments, although everything depends on the condition of the building. Compromises will have to be made in any reconstruction. Location of the house - do not change, layout - only partially. In 80% of cases, they strengthen the foundation and increase its area, strengthen the walls, especially the load-bearing ones, or completely replace them, renovate the roof, sewerage system, and do not do without thermal insulation works.

This list can deter the intention to carry out reconstruction in Toronto. Perhaps the costs are lower than the construction costs, but it can take longer. A typical stone structure is being built in six months, and the renovation of the old one may take 2-3 years. Moreover, an investment of 5 million in a new house seems much more reliable than 2-3 - in an attempt to breathe life into something that barely holds on.

Why is the construction

If you have already purchased a plot of land with an old house, take these factors into account before deciding to demolish or renovate it. A detailed analysis of the situation and budget possibilities will guide you in the right direction. In the same case, when there is no fundamental difference, we advise you to build your own new home.

Such an undertaking has more advantages and prospects: a preliminary choice of an optimally located plot, individual planning and placement of a place for construction, and when applying to the company - the tight, clearly defined terms of construction and guarantees for the strength of the structure. You do not prolong the existence of old housing by 50 years, and find a new one, which in itself gives a sense of confidence and comfort. And if in the future you have to change a lot in life, selling such a house will be much easier, and at a fair price.