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Renovation contractor in Toronto

Renovation contractor in Toronto

Many people face the need to reconstruct their homes. Someone is no longer satisfied with the state of the house, erected with the latest fashion tens of years ago. Or purchased cottage does not meet the requirements of a large family. As for the volume of remodeling, they are very different: from the usual repair to major transformations of the entire facility.

What is Renovation contractor in Toronto

Renovating a house in Toronto is a multifaceted concept. This includes modification, correction of defects, modernization and expansion of space, increasing the number of floors, in general, any significant changes in the original layout.

The reconstruction is often understood as the return of the original appearance of the building, i.e. it is referred to the historical-architectural area. This makes sense, restoration work is an important component of reconstruction, but it is one of the many links in the construction and repair process. And it concerns not only architectural monuments, but also ordinary residential buildings, office and municipal buildings.


What motivates owners to turn to specialized companies to breathe new life into the building? There can be many reasons. Most often, the building is not suitable for a particular family: for example, a newly acquired house is too small, so you need more space. Someone does not like the exterior, which is why attempts are being made to make the facade aesthetically appealing and more stable to aggressive environmental factors.

Whatever the reason, all those interested in the service are united by the desire to improve the structure - to modernize it by strengthening the structure, insulation or overhaul. If a building has stood for more than a decade, it is likely that there are damages inside (more or less significant) that can be repaired during the restoration. And if the owner wants to have a veranda, balcony, it also has to do with this construction industry.

Renovation of a holiday home in Toronto

Life in the bosom of nature - who doesn't dream of it? But before settling down in a country house, start a vegetable garden and grow ecologically clean vegetables, the owner has to choose one of two ways:

  • to buy a plot of land and start building a house from scratch;
  • consider secondary market applications, and buy an existing building on site, which then lead to the desired appearance.
  • Since the difference in price is enormous, it is not surprising that many people choose the second option. If you're afraid of the amount of work, we're in a hurry to let you know that restoration work will take much less time than new construction.


    Depending on the degree of damage and the requirements of our customers, we carry out repairs in Toronto in the following areas:

  • Dismantling of the exterior cladding and creation of a beautiful and practical facade covering.
  • Change of roof geometry: complete or partial remodeling.
  • Reinforcement of load-bearing structures.
  • Strengthening the foundation with the use of modern building materials.
  • Addition of premises (verandas, attics, balcony, summer kitchen).
  • Building up of floors.
  • Redesign (based on the wishes of the owner, is carried out either without changing the external architectural style, or as a complete processing).
  • Warming.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Placement of communications.
  • Creation of living space in non-residential premises: in attics, basements, etc.
  • The list of renovation of an old house in Toronto is determined individually for each facility.