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Basement renovation in Toronto

Basement renovation in Toronto

In the case when the project of a mansion under construction, or a country house, provides a spacious basement, there is an opportunity to use it not only for the location of the boiler and other utilities - for them it is enough a small technical compartment. The rest of the space can be used for a useful purpose - to place in the basement rooms for recreation and sports, a wine cellar or a living room with a fireplace: "How to finish the basement inside?" and "How to finish the basement outside? Here are the answers to the questions about basement renovation in Toronto.

Basement renovation in Toronto. Rough finishing of the room

Before proceeding to the decorative finishing of the basement, it is necessary to determine in advance what tasks it will have to perform.

The insulation and decoration of the basement of the house and its interior space must be carried out in accordance with these tasks.

But in any case, the room should be protected from humidity and frost and should start with basement waterproofing in Toronto. So:

  • The walls of the basement floor are usually reinforced concrete foundation blocks or brickwork. The process of waterproofing the basement begins simultaneously with the construction of the foundation of the house.
  • The foundation walls certainly protect the outside by coating it with liquid glass or bitumen. If for laying blocks or bricks used a solution with additives that increase its resistance to moisture, for the permeability of seams can no longer worry.
  • Building a basement floor in Toronto

  • Most importantly, the floor of the basement room must be properly constructed. The technology of this work may vary depending on the construction of the foundation. But its essence consists in qualitative performance of a concrete coupler.
  • If the foundation of the house is a tape, the basic base of the basement floor will be a sand cushion. That, at a pouring, the moisture from concrete has not left in sand, its surface cover overlapping with a roofing felt, and stack reinforcing steel grid. For pouring it is necessary to use concrete.
  • If there is a foundation slab in the base under the screed, a penetrating impregnation rather than a coil material is used as insulation. Absorbing into the concrete, these compounds crystallize its structure, completely preventing the penetration of moisture into its thickness.
  • Insulating tape and penetrating compositions

  • First of all, all corners and joints of the basement room are processed. This procedure can be done simultaneously not only on the floor, but also on the ceiling and walls.
  • The penetrating insulation is absorbed immediately and dries rather quickly. It will take much longer to make the concrete screed, considering that it takes 28 days for the full set of concrete strength. This is the technology - you can't go anywhere.
  • So, the screed is ready, and you can start insulating. If, for example, in a premise of a ground floor there will be a drawing room, or a working office, it is possible to execute warm floors. Look video on the given theme, search for articles and a photo - they will help you in this question.
  • Working room in the basement

  • If you find the floor heating device superfluous, it is easiest to make a thermal insulation layer of arbolite slabs, foam insulation or claydite over the concrete screed. By the way, claydite has the lowest price in comparison with other insulators.
  • This allows you to get significant savings, especially when the area of your home is large enough. On our site there is an article where the detailed instruction on how to insulate the floor of the basement with ceramsite is stated.
  • The rough finish of the basement in Toronto

  • This is what the basement may look like before the finish. If we take into account that daylight does not penetrate from the small basement windows into the basement, special attention will need to be paid to the lighting system.
  • All electrical installation work must be carried out before the start of insulation and rough finish, and the wires for sockets, switches and lights must be led out and insulated. Now you can think of ways to finish the basement inside and start implementing your ideas.

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