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Renovations the bathroom in Toronto

The bathroom in any house or apartment deserves special attention. Firstly, it is a room with high humidity and significant temperature drops, and secondly, each owner wants to make the bathroom comfortable and beautiful.

Therefore, to repair the bathroom in Toronto should be approached with all the equipment and with full knowledge of what, why and how to do it properly. Otherwise, after a very short time to repair the bathroom will have to come back again.

Where do I start?

Let us mention right away that we are not talking about external cosmetic repairs when the scope of work and costs are minimal. Here we will talk about a good fundamental repair, when the problems of convenience and functionality, beauty and reliability of the "wet" room are solved.

In this case it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • careful room measurement (floor, walls, ceiling), precisely because you may have to "guess" literally centimeters of space to place all the necessary equipment and machinery;
  • preparing the surfaces (floor, walls, ceiling) for repair. Excess paint, plaster, cement remnants are removed because such places may be hotbeds of mold and fungus;
  • assessment of the condition of pipes and their replacement if necessary. Again, if necessary, new pipes are laid, water meters are installed (or changed) and plugs are placed on non-functional pipes;
  • purchasing materials, adhesives and cement mixtures;
  • choice of necessary bathroom equipment (sink, toilet, faucet, bath, shower, boiler, etc.);
  • make a decision on the ceiling: suspended or simple. If it is suspended - distribute light sources correctly, and begin to install electrical wiring.

About dirty work

Such repair and construction operations include everything related to cleaning the floor and walls. But the question is different: conditionally "dirty" work can be called replacement and laying of new pipes, priming walls and waterproofing of the floor.

As far as pipes are concerned, it is better to replace them with plastic ones, which allow for secure connection and even welding. The nuance is how to lay them: "drown" in the wall or run them over the surface? The point is that if the pipes suddenly become clogged (especially in the elbows and ducts), you will have to dismantle or break them in order to eliminate the problem.

But of course a reasonable and experienced owner will make the best decision.

Before laying floor tiles, waterproofing must be done. The waterproofing is applied in 3 layers: along the cross-sections, with an entrance to the walls not lower than 10 cm - this is the best option.Repair the bathroom in Toronto is not a quick process!

Cleaned walls are treated with "primer" with deep penetration. The first layer is the "fattest" one, in 2-3 hours the 2nd one is applied, and then the 3rd one can be applied.

And, by the way, a very good option when the primer is applied to the future floor and before waterproofing.

All this work with the walls and floor must be done well, always remembering that the bathroom - a room with high humidity.

About the choice of materials.

Whatever anyone may say, the best bathroom finishing material is tile (floor and wall tiles) combined with plastic. Paint, even moisture resistant, even on the ceiling and parts of the wall - it is still an economical option.

And the advantages of tiles - the maximum protection against dampness and fungus, and it looks attractive. So the costs (material and physical) for laying tiles in the bathroom in Toronto are worth it.

And, after all, you can always find the best combination of tiles and plastic. For example, for ceilings, areas far away from taps, interior partitions - plastic is the most suitable material. And the advantages - easy installation, moisture resistance, external attractiveness. And the same pipes, niches, wiring on the wall is very well covered with plastic.

The quantity of solutions, mixes, glues - it is necessary to take with a small stock that exactly enough. Consumption, method of application, working conditions - all this is on the packaging package or can always be found on the Internet.

It is better to take electrical wiring with double insulation, and light sources are either protected against moisture or installed away from cranes. To install plastic on the ceiling you will need hangers, profiles and anchors (preferably wedge driven).

Order of readiness

A good renovation the bathroom in Toronto can take time, and there are many nuances that will be associated with the professionalism of the master, time, financial conditions, etc.

Speaking about the order of work in the bathroom, it makes sense to note the intermediate stages (transitions and readiness for further work). It will be optimal to do so:

  • preparation and rough work;
  • pipes and power grids (mains);
  • flooring;
  • walls;
  • ceiling.

Install a toilet, bath, shower, taps and so on in such a way that you do not have to dismantle something back, and garbage and construction waste are not adjacent to the clean areas.